Making An Appointment

When is Dr. _______ available?

All of our doctors try to accommodate patients for same day visits in case of urgent need. Occasionally if a particular doctor’s schedule is full or not available in a particular location, you may be offered the option to see one of the other 4 doctors in our group if you want to be seen right away.

How do I make an appointment?

Call any one of our 6 office locations and we can book you with the doctor and location of your choice. 

What insurances do you accept?

We accept most major insurances. Please call the office to confirm we participate with your particular plan. 

Do I need a referral?

This varies by insurance plan. Please call our office ahead of time to verify if this will be needed. One of the most common reasons patients have to wait to see the doctor in our office is that the referral wasn’t arranged ahead of time. 

How long will my visit take?

New patients please allow up to 30-60 minutes prior to seeing the doctor for paperwork, insurance processing, and administrative tasks. If we have not received necessary referrals or medical records, this can also slow down the process. Ultimately, our goal is give each patient the time they need for whatever particular problem they may have and not to rush them out of the office. We appreciate your patience. 

Your First Visit

What should I bring to my first visit?

Photo ID.

Insurance card / information.

Medication list (take pictures if needed).

Medical records / imaging studies (see below).

Will the doctor have access to my previous records?

If you have previously been seen by another ENT in our group (SFENTA), then yes we will have your ENT records. Any other records must be sent by the referring provider to our office or we will not have access to them. Please request this prior to the visit as it will save you time the day of your appointment if these are needed and not faxed ahead of time or brought to the office with you. 

Will the doctor have access to previous imaging (CT, MRI, etc)?

No. Even if the medical records are sent from the referring doctor, only the report of the imaging will be included. Particularly with relevant CT and MRI (head / brain / orbits / sinuses / face / temporal bones), it is MUCH more valuable for the doctor to be able to look at the actual images.

This requires you to bring a CD copy of the imaging study with you to your visit. These CDs are typically available wherever your imaging study was performed, all you have to do is ask and they will print one for you. To expedite your diagnosis and treatment, we highly recommend bringing these to your visit if at all possible.