5 Surprising Problems an ENT Doctor Can Treat


Most patients don’t realize ENT doctors in Miami treat more than just ears, noses, and throats. Here are some potentially surprising areas we treat every day.


1. Allergies

Environmental allergies to dust, dander, and pollens are very common problems. ENTs are best suited for evaluation and treatment of these issues for a number of reasons:

1. We perform the most accurate, sensitive type skin testing. It is not uncommon for us to see patients with “negative results” from other Miami Allergists only to have many positive results when we test them.

2. We offer both subcutaneous (shots) and sublingual (drops) forms of immunotherapy.

3. We can evaluate and simultaneously treat complications of allergies, such as sinus infections, headaches, facial pressure, etc. using medication and / or procedures. Other types of doctors do not perform these procedures.


2. Rhinoplasty

It is not well known that 25% of an ENT’s training is Facial Plastic Surgery. This is required for our Board examinations. As surgeons dedicated solely to the face, we are truly the experts of the nose. Compare this to General Plastic Surgeons, who are more generalized.

Often we see patients who have had cosmetic rhinoplasty elsewhere, who have unfortunate complication problems breathing afterwards. As an ENT, we are treating breathing problems very regularly and understand how to avoid these mistakes.

More information on rhinoplasty is available on Dr. Murray’s Rhinoplasty Miami website.


3. Facial Rejuvenation (Botox / Injectables)

As Facial Plastic Surgeons specializing in the face, who better to trust with your Botox and injectable treatments? Our highly trained professional facial experts provide you with attractive yet relatively conservative non surgical therapies in our Aventura and Midtown / Wynwood offices.


4. Sleep Problems (Apnea)

ENT’s diagnose and treat a wide range of sleep related problems, including snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. There are often medical and sometimes surgical options which your provider can discuss with you.


5. Dizziness / Vertigo

While not all dizziness originates from the inner ear, it might be the most common source of these types of complaints. Certainly, unless there are extreme circumstances suggesting stroke or heart attack, an inner ear evaluation is a good place to start. Often it can be difficult to find the diagnosis, but this gets the ball rolling in the right direction at least.


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