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Non-surgical cosmetic injections are used to add volume to sagging facial features and restore a youthful appearance. Fillers can be used on many areas of the face, such as cheeks, lips, mouth, and around the eyes.

Collagen (a protein that binds human tissue together and to provide strength and structure) and elastin (A protein that acts like a spring within the elastic fibers of connective tissue) both contribute to a youthful appearance. However; as we age, collagen production begins to lessen by the age of 25, and continues to decrease at a rate of 2% annually.

Botox is used to minimize facial muscle movements that contribute to wrinkles. But this treatment is not just effective in reducing wrinkles. Anyone that suffers from annoying eye twitches or facial spasms can benefit from Botox injections. It has also been known to treat migraine headaches without the use of chemical medications, that may cause many adverse side effects. It can also help with excessive sweat issues.

Dermal fillers are used to plump the skin from below the surface of wrinkles, ultimately creating a smoother and younger looking skin surface. Lip fillers, for example, can add shape, volume, and structure to thin lips.

Tear troughs are common areas under the eye, that can wrinkle, sag, and show dark circles. Drooping tear troughs can make people look and feel older, and more tired than they actually are.

Other than fillers to restore a youthful appearance, removing submental fat (double chin) is another non-surgical option, to make your face look younger and slimmer. A double chin is due to genetics, weight gain, or loose skin due to aging.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are not just for women, as men are becoming more interested in injectable procedures, such as Kybella, because what man doesn’t want a strong sharp jawline.