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The nose is not only a prominent feature to your overall beauty and a support for eye glasses, more importantly our noses are an elegant, complex, and versatile organ that plays a vital role in your overall health.

Below are some of the amazing functions of the nose

  1. The nose is the main route for breathing. Even though the mouth is a larger opening, the nose is the primary pathway for normal breathing. This fact is confirmed by the many individuals that are very uncomfortable, if their nose is congested or blocked.
  2. The nose cleans the air we breathe. Air contains tiny particles of pollutants, dust, allergens and bacteria. Once these particles are trapped in the cilia of the nose, they are slowly pushed down the throat into the digestive tract.? The stomach can handle these negative particles much more effectively than our lungs.
  3. Additionally, the nose moisturizes inhaled air. The nose will process the air by humidifying the air, because the lungs have a low tolerance for dry air.
  4. Air temperature is regulated by the nose. Similar to lungs not liking dirty air, they also do not like air that is too hot or too cold. It is for this reason, that the nose will get air as close to normal body temperature, as possible.
  5. The nose is also a built in protection alert. The human nose has the capability to smell more than a trillion different odors. The sense of smell is not just for enjoying fresh cut flowers, but also potential dangers such as toxic gases, smoke/fire, and spoiled foods.
  6. Do to the fact that everything is connected, did you know that the bottom of the nasal cavity is also the roof of your mouth?

Also, did you know that the shape of your nose plays a part in the sound of your speaking and/or singing voice?