deviated septum



The nasal septum is a wall of cartilage and bone which separates the nose in two sides (right and left). Due to the patterns of facial growth, this wall is rarely perfectly straight and midline. 

Thus, these crooked and deviated parts of the septum cause a narrowing of either airway or both. 


The main symptom of a deviated septum is airflow obstruction. Occassionally, there can be other consequences or associations with problems such as alleriges, infections, or headaches.


Septoplasty is the term for surgical reshaping of the septum. This is a short outpatient surgery that takes between 30-60 minutes to perform. General anestheia is almost always needed. 

Recovery is quite straightforward. There are no externally visible aspects to the surgery such as scarring or facial swelling. Everything is done internally, unless the procedure is combined with a Rhinoplasty. No packing is used.



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