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The throat is an amazing part of the human body. It is located behind the mouth and nose, and connects to the oral cavity. The throat helps you to eat, communicate, and breathe. The two major pipes in the throat are the esophagus (eating tube), which sends food from your mouth to your stomach, and the other is the trachea (wind pipe), which brings oxygen to your lungs and carbon dioxide from your lungs.

The epiglottis blocks food from going to the trachea, and ultimately from getting into the lungs. The larynx is the home of the vocal cords, which are vital for speech and breathing. The larynx also serves as a passageway to the trachea (windpipe to the lung). Lymph nodes, thyroid glands, and the tonsils are also parts of the throat. Due to the fact that food and air passes through the throat, it is considered a part of the digestive, as well as, the respiratory system.

Disorders that affect the way we speak and swallow can have a negative impact on our daily routine, ability to work, and social interactions.

A sore throat is a common symptom of the common cold, allergies, asthma, smoking, and/or over use of the voice. A sore throat should get better in a week or so, but if not better, or if a sore throat is accompanied with a cough and fever, please contact us, as it may lead to difficulty swallowing or total loss of your voice.

A burning sensation in your throat could be a sign of acid reflux disease, in which stomach acid is backing up into the esophagus or larynx (voice box).

Swelling of the throat is a cause of concern, because the more the swelling increases in the throat, the more space for breathing decreases. Swelling of the throat can be caused by an allergic reaction, tonsillitis, or possibly an enlarged thyroid gland.