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LA Fitness Building on Biscayne and 123rd

1801 NE 123rd St
Suite #315
North Miami, FL 33181

Phone: (786) 507-4151

North Miami Office

ENT North Miami On Site Services

Our physicians also have access to microscopes and full video endoscopy equipment in the patient rooms as needed. We have a full size, professional sound booth on site for hearing tests. Our audiologists supply the full line of hearing aids from all major vendors. Our trained Allergists perform full skin testing and administer all type of Immunotherapy in our North Miami ENT office.

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday
8:00am – 5:00pm



Dr. Horacio Groisman

Dr. Paul Kleidermacher

Dr. Kim Patrick Murray

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Our office in North Miami is opened 8am to 5 pm, every weekday. The trained allergist, on staff, at this location performs comprehensive skin testing and administers Immunotherapy. The audiologists have a full line of top of the line hearing aids, from all major vendors. At this site, and all of our locations, our professional staff has access to microscopes and full video endoscopy equipment. There is also a professional sound booth on site, to test your hearing ability.

The office in North Miami, Florida is located in the LA Fitness building, on Biscayne and 123rd. The exact address is: 1801 NE 123rd Street, Suite 315. To reach this office and make an appointment, please call: 786-507-4151. The North Miami office is proud to have the following doctors on staff: Dr. Horacio Groisman, Dr. Paul Kleidermacher, Dr. Kim Patrick Murray, and Dr. Michael Zaki.

Dr. Groisman is the former Chief of Medicine at the University of Miami Hospital. He is accepting new adult patients with all ENT issues.

Dr. Kleidermacher holds the rare title of having dual board certifications, in both ENT and Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Murray sees both children and adults with all type of ENT issues, and also facial plastics-related issues. English is his native language, but he is also fluent in the Spanish language.